Can I get some ex advice?

Background info: I was broken up with during my junior year of high school by a girl that I had reeally liked, and that summer (2011) we hooked up a bunch before she went to college. The next three summers (2012-2014) we hooked up a couple times, despite her having new boyfriends. This most recent winter on break we hooked up yet again, though this time she was with a guy that she was madly in love in. Every time we saw eachother it went further, but we also had hours-long conversations about life in general in addition to the touchy feely stuff.

So my question is what the hell am I supposed to do? We both graduate college soon, and yet we have maintained a sporadic and intimate relationship for four years now. I want to resolve this soon, since it keeps nagging on me. I truly care about her, and we're both going down the same career path.


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  • Maybe she's waiting for you to man up and take charge. Arrange a time to see her and let her know that graduation is a time that makes you start thinking about the future and making plans; you want to make plans that include her as a regular part of your life but only if she wants the same thing and, if not, maybe this is the time for you to go your separate ways.

    You probably don't want to do anything to push her away but, if she isn't ever going to commit to you, this is a good time to recognize what you have and what you don't have with her. If she doesn't want to be there for you down the road, find someone who does want that role.

  • Wait you want advice that use to work but now doesn't hence the 'ex advice'?


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