Shall I text him after 2 months of no contact?

I told him I want to get back together after I broke up with him. He told me "he doesn't want to have something unstable between us, he has a lot on his mind now and he'll contact me if he's still interested."
this guy really liked me but I broke up with him because i didn't feel the same way and now I miss him! It's been 2 months since our last conversation.

shall I text him?


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  • Can't hurt to try, however, don't be surprised if his response is "I told you I'd contact YOU if I'm still interested". in my opinion, two months is not much time for him to probably not be mad at you since you dumped him, I think it's still too soon. You really should respect what he said to you and not contact him, but you probably will. And if you do, I hope you get the response you desire. Good luck!


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  • you can try but it would appear your chances are slim.

    • Meaning, he wouldn't want to?

    • probably, if he has any dignity then he will most likely refuse because you are the one who broke it off with him and its been a solid 2 months of no contact.

  • If it has to be done.. contact him, apoligize for being a knob..
    put yourself out there, and than the ball is entirely in his court.
    good luck

  • you broke up with him. your mistake. move on and learn from it. sorry dear

  • "You will only contact them one time when you are trying to get them back. You will contact them once, apologize for being a jackass, tell them you would like to see them again, and make a definite date." Coach Wayne.

    • Do this, and then let me know what he replies.

      Don't listen to these other guys, they have no clue.

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    • Once you read his book, it all becomes so clear... just wish I found it earlier in life

    • I already contacted him a week after I broke up and then he said what he said. So I already used this "one time".
      I allso believe not to contact him more than once, especially if he said "he'll contact me if..."

      I just want to text him because I miss him and wanted to know if it's a good idea.

  • Besides missing him, what else has changed that you want him back? If he does not want anything unstable, you are going to have to prove to him that you are not. It will take time and will not happen overnight.

    • I realized that he has so many things that other guys dont have.
      I realized I made a big mistake

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  • He probably has some trust issues from being broken up with and doesn't want to get hurt again. Its worth texting if you want him back but don't put too much pressure on him right away if he has a lot on his mind, keep it casual for now


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