Have you ever said something mean to push somebody away you love but can't be with?

Title says it all
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  • NO

    Most importantly, there's no such thing as "can't be with" if two people love each other they make it work...
    Regardless of distance, emotional-personal problems, culture, religion etc.. I've seen it done multiple times in my family and they have long happy marriages

    I've been then personally and I ended it not because I can't be with them but because I didn't think that person was worth the trouble or sacrifice

    If they pushed you away it's because you showed them something a quality or some factor that made them rethink

    If they were mean about it then you did something that rubbed them the wrong way

    "It's just that simple"

    • What if you snuck around with a guy for 2 years hiding them from your parents. You got cussed out on the regular everytime you went out because your parents thought u were seeing me which you were. What if all your friends said I was using you and I was arrogant and full of myself. What if I offered you to move out but it would be fincially unstable and you would be disowned by your family never talking to your mom again? She didn't think I cared about her Anymore. I was too busy with the police academy

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    • Cause you both would be really unhappy
      Unstable and it would end
      So maybe she really did care

    • Thanks kind of helped me thi j this through

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  • story of my life. it's terrible and if you can help it, you definitely should not do it. it tears you and the other people apart. :(


What Guys Said 4

  • if i loved that some1... i'd never do that basically!

  • Nope, I usually just slowly distant myself from her.

  • Ummm... no. sorry my life is not a soap opera :/

  • I say 'Come back to bed'


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