Is still having feeling for her this long normal?

i had a fling with this girl for about three months and she ended up leaving me for my friend. they have been dating for about 2 months. i have tried moving on but i just can't stop thinking about her and some days i can't even get out of bed< is this normal even within such a short time of knowing eacother?


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  • well, you were definitely crazy about her.
    But ask yourself this:
    a) are you sure you're not thinking about her more just because she's with someone else now?
    b) if you got back together, you'd still wanna stay together?
    c) are you willing to approach her even if it means ruining a relationship?

    Try dating someone else to get your mind off her.

    • im probably not gonna take her back and yes i have been dating other people.

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    • also, find another interest. maybe a book, or hiking, or joining some hobby class or workshop. keep yourself occupied and also motivated to get you out of bed.

    • ok thanks

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  • better forget her dude... she's with another dude now...


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  • It's normal. Give it 6 months.


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  • Chin up pal, Everyone handles it differently.
    Just remember each day should be easier than the last

  • "Normal" is a dumb term because everybody handles heartbreak differently

    Time heals all wounds, you'll be okay man


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