is she gone for good... honestly?

I lied to my girlfriend about a female friend of mine. Once upon a time me n her were attracted to each other, but we never had sex or anything like that and agreed to be friends. It was a white lie. The girl became jealous and I noticed her weird behaviors once I was in my relationship. I have been with this girl for almost 8 months and she broke up with me when I confessed I lied to her. 2 weeks later, she told me she needs me and she unconditionally loves me. She doesn't want to lose our connection and just needs time to heal. I ended my friendship with the girl who became jealous might I add. I was trying to protect my girlfriend feelings and the same girl was culprit in the insecurities of my last ex. I just didn't want to go through it again. Do you think she'll come back? What should I do?


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  • yes you could approach her BUT be honest form the beginning. only way to make a change.

    • Thank you... We still talk everyday like nothing's changed but its the debt of the convo now.. I think I'm on boyfriend probation lol

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  • Women are fickle, she could come back I had to re-read a few times verify what you meant but do you mean that you ended friendship with your girlfriend who became jealous or did your friend become jealous?

    • My friend became jealous.. Sorry about that.

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    • At this point I'm considering the no contact rule.. I just fear it'll hurt more than help

    • If you truly want her go after her she's already shown you she'll go the extra mile for you. It is your choice in that case

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