What does it mean if your ex boyfriend starts slowly talking to you?

We've been broken up for 3 months and at 6 wk mark he proposed that we be friends after not hearing from him. I told him no. I knew if I was friends with him it was going to hurt me worse and I'd never be able to get over him. Fast forward to now I have noticed that he is trying to talk to me more. I am wondering why he is doing this all of a sudden. What is your opinion of this?


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  • It could be that he wants to get back together or he misses your friendship. It's too early to say.

    • it has been 3 months and at about the 5 wk mark he asked if i wanted to be friends but he hurt me really badly so i say no.

    • To me, it sounds like he doesn't want to let that friendship go. So he gave you your space--a few weeks--and is trying to initiate contact so that he can become friends again even though you don't want that.

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  • He definitely misses you..
    To what degree/his motives are unclear though, you won't be sure until you talk more

    • why won't he come straight out and say it though, afterall he did break up with me

    • Nerves... unsure what your reaction would be after 3 months maybe?
      That's my guess, I could easily be wrong

  • it means he wans 2 get back 2 u obviously...

    • well he has just started making small talk. i find it hard to believe that he wants to get back together bc the break up as very ugly. i eventually just stopped contacting him bc it was pretty hopeless.

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