Should I write him a letter?

My boyfriend and I broke up a couple of weeks ago. After we broke up we agreed to remain friends however he has been anything but friendly. I found out a week ago my mom has cancer and maybe has 3-6 months left. This maybe a reason I am so emotional about the situation. When we broke up, he told me that he didn't see us getting married or eventually having kids. t hurt a lot since I saw him being my future husband. Then he told me to call/text him with any concerns I had. I tried to text/call him about my mom but he told me he would give me a call that night when he didn't. It made me realize what kind of person he is because I've had so many friends support through this. I want to write him just to let him know how I feel and cut off ties because I feel like I'm still holding out hope we will get back together... I'm not sure if it's a good idea to write the letter or not at this point.


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  • Sorry about your mother. Even as you support her, surround yourself with people who will help support you during this heartbreaking time. This guys is clearly not one of them.

    Regarding the letter, I've found writing helps me explore and organize my thoughts, and the process of externalizing them makes me feel better. If that sounds like something that might help you, then go for it. Then fold up the letter and stick it in the bottom of a box somewhere. That's right, don't send it. You may even find after you've written it that you no longer want to, but either way, it's better not to pick at scabs, so to speak. "Closure" is ultimately something we arrive at in our own minds; the other person rarely cares, and that can make one's frustrations worse.


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  • No. He's not the type of person you need in your life. If I was you I'd never contact him again. Also, I'm incredibly sorry about your mother

  • No. ----------


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  • Don't. Because he already hs shown you that he wouldn't be there to support you anymore.

    As your mother's daughter, you have to stay stong by her side. Forget about him and be there for your mom while she is still there.

    Stay with the people who make you smile and think positive.

    You and your ex parted ways so move on and create a new one where you'll definitely look better.

    I'm sorry that you must go through this but stay strong and take care! :)


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