If my ex contacted me once... is it likely she'll contact me again?

And before you say "Who cares?" I do... so if you're going to say that, you can fuck off.

She contacted me a couple weeks after the break up that she initiated... she might have been reaching out, but whatever.

Do you think she'll likely contact me again since I didn't asnwer her?


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  • Nope... Unlikely
    "You didn't respond"

    The ball is in your court now
    If anything I would expect you to contact her
    "If it's not too late"

    But her trying again after she already tried

    • So you think she was reaching out to me when she sent the text?

      She was hoping I was OK... she didn't even ask a question though :S

      I told her on the day she ended it with me: "if you change your mind, you know where to find me"

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    • No I don't have a good reason, and I'm regretting not reaching back to her.

      She's really shy. She sent the text at like 1 am, so that made me feel weird.

      When I sent her the text asking her out for the first time... she had to get her best friend to ask me when I was free because my ex is such a bad texter and had almost blown me off!

    • Wow..
      I don't even know what to say
      You blew it
      But if you really miss her put your pride aside like she did and try to reach out to her

      Best of luck

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  • You didn't respond , So my guess is it will be unlikely. .
    Do you want her to contact you again?

    • Well yeah... :(

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    • :( daaamnnn... I feel so shit now :( ...

      I mean it felt like she wasn't asking me to respond you know... she was hoping I was OK and stuff.

    • It's tough pal, you never know what's going on in someone's head... good luck

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  • She might after a few more weeks, if she's finding it difficult to move on. Although, if she reached out to you, she might still be doubting her decision to break up with her...

    If she's really shy, and you wish to get back with her, then I think it's better if you contacted her first.

  • She might later on, but if you message her back it will go on from there. Good luck~


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  • If you didn't respond, it's unlikely that she'll try again.


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