After my first (And only, lol) breakup, I decided to dedicate my whole life to accomplishing more, anyone similar?

I seriously became a work-a-holic
decided to improve on art to extreme, an actually did (Lol)
wrote several novels
became a lot more wealthier,
... you get that point, I just improved my whole life
so is anybody else similar? wanting to upgrade their whole life,
because of a breakup? Did anyone just decide,
that now, they're dreams really were a reality,
and chase after their dreams with real ambition,
because of a breakup?

like, you just wanted to make up for all the time you wasted during your relationship? and you wanted to be a better person and you all of a sudden, had so much better focus, on your life goals?


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  • i think this is good, that ur stepping up after a break up. i can relate but I'm not pushing myself over the edge.

    dont let this workaholic attitude become an escape from what was. dont use it to occupy ur time where u would sit thinking about him. upgrade ur life, chase ur dreams, be independent, but do it for YOU, not because you need to fill a void.

    time in a relationship isn't always wasted. I'm sure u had good memories. this experience is huge because u learn and u use this to shape u into a better stronger woman.

    head up love. xx


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  • No, I haven't. But congratulations to you. I've had fears about commitment for a long time that I'm recently overcoming. After observing my 3 older siblings go through life-shaking relationships I kind of stayed away from commitment. I've inspired myself in other ways and am steadily improving my life. I'm slowly walking uphill and now I'm thinking maybe it's time to find someone that will walk beside me. Maybe go from walking to soaring : ]

  • I threw all my dreams away for women. Biggest regret. Because talents get women lol..."Hell is a truth learnt to late"

  • No, do not do that. You should let a man, no matter he is good or bad, to affect your own life.
    I believe it is really hard for a people to keep single, unless you devote yourself to God the Father, like Catholic priests and nuns.
    And being workaholic after a breakup will not make you become wealthier. To be successful, you have to do a lot things, like communications with people, inspiring new ideas, etc.
    What is more, success is similar to love that when you want it a lot, it does not come to you as you expected. But when you do everything in your life good, it comes without your notion.

    • without your notice*

    • actually, by...'workaholic' I mean artist, I exhibit artwork exhibitions for a living in the city. My whole opinion improved after the breakup. I realised that an improved opinion is key. You come to realization of so many things. Things you thought before that were quite unexplained and rather nonsensical suddenly start to make sense. When your opinion improves, your skills of perception do also. You become a better person in general and start to see things in their true form. Whether good or bad. I didn't change my life, because of heartbreak, I improved my opinion on what life is. I Love what I do, and in fact... idiot, I do have a lot of connections with people, and I'm creative, and a lot of people say I inspire them, so please... my know-it-all, don't jump to conclusions before you actually know somebody, because I am very very high-standard, and your "Advice" doesn't apply to me, because I am already successful

  • Yea a bit of both but mostly working on my major

  • How long did you date this guy

  • never had a gf
    so no breakup


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  • So you're trying to distract yourself

    • no , I just all of a sudden, really felt ambitious, like all that free time I now had, could be used for actually accomplishing something, and that I HAD to achieve, because I had to make up for all the time I wasted during the relationship

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    • don I meant!

    • Oh that's cool, at least you didn't mope around and pity yourself like some people do :)

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