For the girls: Hormones linked to coping with breakup?

It's been a fair while since I broke up with my ex. I really did love him. He ended things. Long story and not really relevant to the question. Some weeks I'm doing really well. Other weeks I'm back thinking of him and doe eyed. It feels like its cyclical. Like I have done a lot to get over it and overall moved on a lo. Some weeks it feels like I'm pining again. I don't see a difference in my circumstances just feels like its cyclical. I'm wondering if it's linked to hormones. Same ways some weeks it's easier to diet than others. Anyone else noticed this?


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  • No, certainly not, and hell the f*ck no you cannot so don't even try.
    Especially if he broke up with you meaning that if you had it your way, you probably still would have been with him, loving him, showing him affection, and sharing every part of yourself with him. Disaster! It will never work. You will always have hope that you can become something greater. And who the hell wants to accept an emotional, mental, and spiritual demotion in the life of someone they used to love? NO ONE.

    You don't seem to be over him and I'm wiling to bet that you trying to be "friends" would just be an excuse to have him however you can get him.

    • No we're not really in contact much at all. Don't get me wrong. I've learned the lessons and I realise there were reasons we didn't work. Without them being fixed I wouldn't even consider trying to get back togethe. By talking about hormones I just mean that while the vast majority of the time I feel in control and reasoned about the whole thing.. and am moved on and not thinking about him... every few weeks I seem to slip back into being emotional about it for a few days and regretting what I maybe didn't say while we were going together, etc. That's why I'm asking re hormone. Most of the month I am very disciplined food wise then for a few days I having cravings etc.

    • oh snap, I'm sorry girl! Somehow I misread : /
      I'm not exactly sure what the exact hormone is...

    • No bother :-) ... so I'm not just going mad then :-/ tbh it was the first time I loved someone. I'm blaming it on those powerful little shi**y hormones anyway. Ugh.

  • I find that it takes time and concentration to loosen the cyclical aspect. Less about hormones and more about important times from when you were together at set you to remembering.


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