Can you still be friends with your ex-boyfriend?

My ex broke up with me a few weeks ago after 10 months of dating. He told me that he still wants to be bowling buddies. Even though he told me he never enjoyed being with me.
However, he has not talked to me since, he tried but at that exact moment I wanted to disembody him, a and I feel what's the point of asking to just be friends when you don't talk?
Also he has been off his ADHD medication for a while and then got back on it a few days ago so I have no idea if that would contribute to it.
I'm just so confused. He could be playing with my emotions.
What are your thoughts?


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  • You broke up because your relationship didn't work. Why would you want to keep it going when it doesn't work?

    • He's the one who suggested staying friends. I personally really don't care if we are or are not, I'm just confused why he even wants to remain friends.

    • Yes, but that only happens if you both agree. Why would you even consider this?

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  • It takes me a while to be friends with ex's. But it can happen, when neither one of you have those types of feelings anymore.

  • lol not a good idea but some people can make it work. I definitely wouldn't.

  • Yup im still close with my last ex


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