Why does his ex still have his photos on her fb?

She broke up with him 2 years ago after 5 years engagement to date other guys.

She tried to be friends but he blocked her and tried to move on. I am dating him now but I don't understand why she has his photo (just him but he had his engagement ring on).

should I worry? He wants to date seriously but I get worry over her reaching out to him.
She also have photos of the latest guy she is dating and they look happy. She traveled with her new bf. I guess I am just worry.


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  • I think... You do not need to worry... seems like one sided from the girl... :)

    • Thanks. He asked me what can he do to prove that he is taking this seriously and I ask him to take off his single status on fb and leave it blank. He said his ex never asked about that and she was never into PDAs and neither am. He wants to intro me to his family so I know he is serious.

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  • Nahh, I totally understand. I would worry too. How long have you guys been dating/when did they break up? 0_0 That is a long time to be dating someone, especially since it was serious.

    I would not be worried about him going back to her or anything, he doesn't sound like he wants to be with her anymore after (I can imagine that) she caused him a lot of pain. I would more be worried that he is just using you TO move on. A rebound or something. But if you know that he truly loves you and is ready to be in a serious relationship again, then try not to worry about it (=

    • Thanks. It has been 2 years so I am not too worry about it. He was actually depressed after that. He dated a lot afterward. When we got together, I said I didn't like that he was dating online. So he stopped. He knows I am scared so he is trying to reduce my worries.

    • I don't worry, he will ever go back to her. She told him that she didn't love him the last year they were together. She also kicked him out. It was pretty bad, he said. I am afraid that he is not over her.

    • All right, cool. Well it sounds like you have nothing to worry about then. The photos on her Facebook sounds more like her problem than his. Some people just don't take them down *shrugs*

      I'm sorry about her though, she sounds terrible. Glad that he has found you!(=

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  • Why she deletes that picture with herexboyfriend? Maybe it is a nice memory for her and so doesn't want to delete.


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  • She may just be the type of person who doesn't go through her fb and "spring clean" all the pictures on there. Or maybe she forgot or hasn't noticed that they are still on there. Either way I don't think you have anything to worry about :)

  • I wouldn't go back and erase my ex from my Facebook. If I had an ex or Facebook that is. I don't understand those who try and eradicate all traces, it just shows me they can't handle their feelings. My past boyfriends will always be in my heart, they were there for a reason and shall remain there. They helped shape who I am and the times I spent with them will always be precious to me. Doesn't mean I love my partner any less or that it weakens our relationship and it certainly doesn't mean I want them back!


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