I feel almost nothing - not sure why?

Just wondering people's opinions - my best friend/crush ended our friendship after 3+ years claiming that he was "getting in the way" of my finding someone, etc., and refuses to answer my questions or tell anyone else why he stopped talking to me, not even his other best friend or his brother.
I was really numb and in pain for a few days but it's been about 3 weeks and I've only cried once which is very unusual for me - and it's not that i don't care - I cared a *lot*, like loved him, and I think he loved me too but thought I wouldn't want him (God knows). I just feel weird that I'm so - calm about it. Like - I keep waiting for the floodgates to open but I can't even seem to get all that sad when I think about it. It's just like that part of my feelings has gone dormant or something.
Any ideas?


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  • You're either not allowing yourself to feel or you never really liked him

    • hi and i really did, I think I just flinch away from feeling. like right now :/ I think the pain is too great to deal with so a little bit seeps in at a time and I can feel it and I shove it away. mostly I just don't feel much and I've even tried to but it's like I'm too upset to cry. you know when you get a lump in our throat instead of being able to cry? like that but it's in my stomach.

      I ran into him the other day and he looked unhealthy like he had been lying in a dark room for too long and he gave me this pained look and disappeared as fast as he could. then said something to push me away (?) and I got mad and now I'm just trying to be really mad at him but I mostly just feel sad and tired.

      Sorry tons of detail. just - felt like ranting.

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    • Yeah, you should go camp somewhere if the weather is nice.

    • yessss that's a great idea thanks. hiking sounds good too actually. And archery :p

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  • Corner him. Your not going to be ignored , make your feelings clear ; to be honest what I would personally do is corner him at his locker with all his guy friends , slam him into a locker then drag him to a secluded area to talk

    • hahahaha and I have cornered him to the best of my ability - at this point I just kind of want to let him do what he needs to do. I just don't understand why I feel so incredibly - calm. it's really strange and it bothers me.

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    • No it's not like defeat - it's more like - I have no idea how to process the idea of him not being around.

    • Aw , keep your self busy , go for pizzas with friends

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