Can you guys help me with my situation? (kinda lengthy)?

My ex and I have been together for about 4 years. Our relationship has had its ups and its down. He broke up with me a little over 3 months ago and hurt me very badly. My ex has a lot of anger issues that have caused him to destroy thing in our apt and scream to the top of his lung. So he broke up with me in mid Jan. and I was blindsided and very hurt. I initially was very upset and clingy.

About 6 wks into the break up he came over to exchange our son and asked if we could be "friends" and asked for a hug. I told him I'd consider. So just TWO days later my dear bro. passed away. The car I have is very high mileage so I called him to see if he could give me a ride to the bus station and I could not get a hold of him. Since i had took off work and the funeral was planned a few days later I went by his apt and knocked on the door. He asked who I was and he told someone to not answer the door and said that's it Im calling the cops.

I didn't understand why he did what he did when just a few days later he said something diff. I was very hurt and shocked and texted him to never call or text me again. I even changed my cell number, but the house number remains the same.

Now 3 months after the break up when we exchange our son, he is now trying to make small talk with me. I shut him down because he is a very destructive person.

It does not help that HIS mom has brought him by my house, and has also made me feel guilty by crying and trying to force me to talk to her son when he did what he did. What is your true opinion on this situation. I cannot get past what he did to me.


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  • My honest opinion is don't pizz on him if he burst into flames.

    • I like what you're saying!!

    • Thank you for MHO. I typically prefer to help get two through a problem not add to it

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  • This dude is a negative vibe for you. Dont talk to him unless it has to do with your son. He not going to change

    • You know I agree with u completely, but people tell me I should co-parent with him, but they dont realize what kind of person he is.

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  • Maybe he is trying to be nice?

    • maybe he is but i dont know. he could have started by at least APOLOGIZING

  • So you never actually talked about the incident where he didn't open the door and said to call the cops? It seems like we're missing parts of the story here because if that's how it went down (without anything happening between these things) it really is a bit insane.

    In any case, since you have a son with him I'd try to be civil. But I think it's for the best to keep as little of him in your life as is necessary for your son's well-being.

    • no i am honestly not leaving anything out. On March 1 he came over and proposed that we be friends and two days later my bro. died is when I came over to see if I could get a ride to the bus station since my bro. lived in a different state and when I knocked on the door this is what he did, by the way those few days nothing happened. Now his mom is acting funny with me bc she wants me to contact him. She said that one of us is going to have to be the first to call. The way I see it, he dumped me, not the other way around

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