How do I know it's over?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me after almost being together for 4 years due to the fact that for a point in my life I was in a dark place I became really insecure of myself and started accusing her. To where she jus ended it. it's been 3 months we stayed friends and we kept on having sex and we went to raves , music shows and even on dates . I can tell she loves me but she says she's sticking to her decision and has told me she doesn't want to keep having sex anymore but still wants to be friends. I had a lot of time to really evaluate myself and change for the better I love her and know I messed up Even then I have always been her ride or die she knows I'm always there for her and she knows I love her but will she ever come back? or do I have to face the fact it's over now. Is this just a phase? I mean besides everything the love has always been real we been in each other lives since middle school dated for a year then and seperated for 3 years and dated again for another 4 I really love her it just hurts so much I just need some advice


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  • Cut her out of your life for now. If it's truly over, it will help you get over it. If you're meant to be together, you'll find your way back to each other (after you've worked on yourself).

    • I'm just scared of losing her for good I've loved this girl for a long time:(

    • Why is there always this " If you're meant to be together, you'll find your way back to each other" bullshit around lol... If you don't make anything happen, it's not going to happen - full stop.

    • @JohnBhoy94 to a point, I agree with you. However, if you're just not good together, it will never end up working out. If you are good together, things have a way of working out.

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  • Mate, as hard as this sounds, for the moment probably let her go, and just work on yourself, make yourself number 1 and get yourself right...
    If you guys parted on the terms you describe, once your in a good place again, chances are likely she'll come around ...
    Just put yourself first for a while

    • Yeah I know man I'm just scared of really losing her. I just don't know right now I honestly felt we where going to work out again these past months we stayed in touch

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    • Ultimately it's your call pal.. just saying if your heads off, I believe it will do more harm than good.. I definitely don't wish anything negative against the two of you

    • Spoken like Coach Corey Wayne ;)

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  • I would tell her that you're not interested in being her male girlfriend and friendship with her doesn't interest you. You want a romantic relationship with her. If she says no, then tell her "Well that's a shame, but I just can't deal with a friendship. If you change your mind you can call me, but we shouldn't be in contact anymore - see you!"

    Walk away and never turn back.

    She might contact you again depending on her interest level.


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