Do you think more girls break up with guys than vice versa?

I experienced this and saw it with a lot of friends, that even if the guy is really unhappy in his relationship, he doesn't break up. He rather cheats or acts so withdrawn until the women has had enough and breaks up. Do you experiences the same? I talk about long-term relationships not dating. I am just wondering why this is, perhaps they are not good at communicating, that they feel unhappy?


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  • Well divorces certainly are mostly triggered by women. It's harder to know about other forms of relationships as most (former) couples disagree on the actual details of the breakup and there's no paperwork to identify who finished things. I have heard that men are more likely to just withdraw because of either boredom or because we just don't want to deal with the emotional clusterf##k of dumping girls. Though I'm sure that happens in marriage too: the guy just gives up and waits for the girl to pull the trigger.

    "Why the difference in perception of who is breaking up with who? One reason may be a technique that some males use in the belief that it allows the woman to save face. (Women do this too, but in my observation, men use it more.)
    Having decided that the relationship isn’t working (for whatever reason), the man will begin behaving “badly.” He calls less, breaks dates, shows up late, and becomes generally such a lousy boyfriend that the woman finally ends the relationship. This would explain why he is more likely than she is to see the breakup as “mutual” - he knows they both wanted out, but she doesn’t."

    How often do men do this? It's impossible to know for sure because you're dealing with really private, subconscious emotion so we can only guess.

    Based on what I know and have been told, women are more likely to actually end things but guys are more likely to 'withdraw' and allow the relationship to continue but lose all meaning.

    • Wow, best answer I have ever received. And it also strenghtens my observations...

    • Wow thanks. :-)

      If I put as much work into my, well... work as I do my GaG answers, I'd be CEO already. :P

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  • It's usually the girl because women control the relationship really

    • what do you mean by that? Shouldn't be the guy have the power over his own destiny? It's not that he is her slave?

    • Lol it's the guy that has to do everything to keep the relationship going usually he has to put up with her sht or he will be alone. She doesn't (unless she is unattractive) if he's fckin up she can just hop to the next one and that's that

    • well, that sounds certainly very easy, but I can't really say that I experience it like that. Whenever I see a couple breaking up, its usually the guy being in a new relationship in a few months, while girls take longer to find a new partner. I can't say why that is, but I heard that obvisouyl for guys its easier to find sth serious, since girls want to be in a relationship, while its easier for girls to find uncommited sex, since that's what many men want...

  • Absolutely. It really foesn't take much to retain a man. And, apparently, it doesn't take much for a woman to dump the man rather quickly. Usually, women are a little better with time.


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