He cheated on me, now he kissed me and showed up at my job to see me and my daughter. Does he want me back?

About three years ago I met this guy in high school I fell in love with and recently lost my virginity to. Well after that I found out he cheated on me with my best friend. We stopped talking for months and haven't seen each other. But about a week ago I was going to the store after work and I saw him. He looked like he saw a ghost so I just tried to walk off. But when he did he grabbed me and just kissed me... and I mean a real kiss that left us both breathless when he let go. After he did he whispered he loved me and was sorry and left. Well yesterday I was at work and he showed up to volunteer with his two baby cousins. He's amazing with little kids, so naturally my daughter after knowing him took really well to him. And she even has a little crush on him. Well he was playing with her and she was all smiles and giggles, she even called him"daddy", which he told her he wasn't. But if it was "ok with your mommy I'd like to become your dad, and even give you a little sister". I was just so shocked that all I could say was I don't think that'll happen. I mean does he really love me like he says and want to start a family with me? He knows that's what I wanted when we where together because we talked about getting married this summer when he graduated... but I don't know if he even remembers that. But I'm still so in love with him but I don't want to get hurt again, and I'm so confused. please tell what to do


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  • I think cheating on you with your best friend is a good reason to never speak to someone ever again, let alone getting back together with them.

    Don't think you can't find better, because you can. If you get with him, you will always be reminded of what happened, whereas if you find someone new, you have no reason to distrust them as they haven't previously caused any betrayal or hurt.

    I realise this is difficult as your daughter is involved too, but you have to think what is best for both of you, like you, if this man cheats on you again, your daughter will have to face him disappearing from your life once again. Even if he doesn't and his prior betrayal is too much for you to cope with, your daughter will also suffer from any trust or relationship troubles dug up because of his prior betrayal.

    So really, although it seems good for your daughter now, it probably isn't healthy for either of you in the long term.


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  • The main fault lies with you best friend (hopefully EX) and perhaps even a bit yourself IF you shared with her how great HE was. We all get tempted, we all make mistakes, we all regret them and wish like hell for a 2nd chance.

    Considering your circumstances and all you've written, this past fall in the mud is the ONLY flaw in a Disney cloud-nine experience for your futures. I see real love here on so many levels, if you'll just go slow and find evidence that supports your trust in him, esp. with female temptations. NEVER EVER allow that cheating "best" friend to come onto your property, near him/family, not even facebook/email/nothing.
    Once back together, NEVER make others covet your guy beyond polite complements, never tempt them... to tempt him!

    • Yeah I never told her how great he was, she just told me she started liking him and I'm like "that's cute" because I didn't see it as a threat since he was n love with me I thought

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    • He's never been faithful though, he's cheated on every girlfriend he's ever had

    • Ahhhh - that would be very important to have included
      now I think
      he's only a candidate as Best Friend, never a lover, never marriage and never get in the way (if not helping) to get a marriage going with someone else

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