Is it normal to have warm feelings towards your ex even if he dumped you?

my ex dumped me for another girl almost a year ago. We kind of talked on and off for a while, but when I suggested to FaceTime, he didn't want to and we stopped talking ever since then, which was two months ago.

i don't know why, but even though he hurt me a lot, i keep thinking about the good times that we had together.
im not in love with him, I think I just like him as a friend, because we had so much to talk about.
I recently sent a message but he did not reply. I know he is over me now, but why do I keep having feelings for him. I keep thinking about the good times and sometimes even think we will get back together. Just for the time being we are separated.

is this normal? How do I just stop thinking about him


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  • In your case yes, it's normal because you've been prolonging your heartache this whole time. You never resolved the pain completely or truly disconnected and detached from him. You've pretty much been sitting around on the back burner, keeping hope alive, and maintaining a connection with someone who demoted you while they promoted another female. : / Not a very nice way to treat yourself, girl : (

    It's not normal at your age. In fact, it's extremely unhealthy, bad for your spirit, and emotionally unproductive. The only way to stop thinking about an ex is to remove them from every single layer of your life. It starts with deleting and blocking them from social media. Then it becomes either ignoring their calls and texts, not giving them the satisfaction of being acknowledged or blocking their number all together. Then you have got to find tons of other reasons to love life! Tons of other beautiful, blissful things that bring you peace and make you happy and are so grand that the ex looks minute compared to life. <3


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  • I guess it's normal since we can't control our feelings


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  • I had the same problem. I was in love with this guy in the 6th grade, and my parents made me break up with him. I have never truly been able to get over him (I'm currently in the 8th grade). I love him so much still probably because he was my first love. However, I gave up on him like 2 days ago. Since he moved on a long time ago.


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