I Don't want to date anyone right now. Am I in love with my ex?

I broke up with him and he doesn't want to get back together. Now my feelings towards him are greater than when we used to date. I feel a bit depressed and don't want to date anyone. How can I get over this feeling? Am i in love with him?


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  • It's not unusual for people's feelings to fire up once they break up. But it is rarely actually "real". Hence why so many couples who go for a second chance end up realising it was a mistake and they break up again. You most likely just miss what you were used to having in your life. I'm afraid you'll just have to stick it out and wait for time to do its magic trick. As for not wanting to date: that's normal. Taking a break from dating is entirely normal and in fact very beneficial.


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  • You either love him or don't wanna be hurt again so you avoid dating

  • It's called takinf a break ☺


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  • There's nothing wrong with taking a break to get over a relationship but don't let those negative emotions stew. Try and break the habit of checking for messages and/or thinking about him. Are there any new things you've been wanting to try or do?

    • I'm already working and studying so I don't have time for something new to do

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