I just broke up and I'm feeling confused. Help, please! What should I do?

I broke up my one year old relationship with my boyfriend because I didn't feel attracted to him anymore. I feel like somethings are really missing. Lately we've been having a lot of emotional relationship problems (mostly due to lack of communication) and I think that was the main cause for this missing interest and attraction. Now I simply don't find him attractive. But for one year I've been fully in love and attracted to him. I couldn't even see my future without him.
Now that I've broken up, sometimes I feel like it really was the right thing to do and feel ok about it, but most of the time I feel awful, regretful, I miss him and I'm heartbroken knowing that he really loved (loves) me and I can not help him by hugging him or offer him a shoulder to cry on. That I can not kiss his tears away.
When I broke up with him (yesterday), I did recognized that I still enjoyed his company. The thought of being with him cuddling, watching movies, hugging, making out and things like that would still make me feel good. I don't love him anymore, I guess, but I still have a lot of affection towards him.
Was I silly when I broke up with him? Am I just feeling this things because of habit? Please help.


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What Guys Said 1

  • oh dear... its really hurt.. to broke up with a one you love...

    but i hope my words can help you

    the feelings and memories are attacking you since your officially not with him and it is really normal to happen

    now it is the idea of dealing with that new situation

    i can't tell you stop being sad... cuz controlling our emotion is really hard epically at time like this

    but you were already far of each other cuz lake of communication ...

    so move on...

    take some days to recover

    and start again...

    best of luck


What Girls Said 1

  • Its normal to miss him and everything you are use to. A big piece of your life is gone and it will take time to get use to it. you broke up for a reason. Stay strong.


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