Is there something wrong with me?

So lately I have been getting dumped often and it hurts so bad. I am a freshman in high school and about two month ago I moved and I'm at a new school now and it seems like all the guys are coming after me and making me fall for the and then they break me. Recently I went out with this guy named Jack and he's a total sweet heart and when we went out he was great he was perfect but then he broke up saying he wasn't mature enough to be in a relationship and that he wanted to still be friends, that was about a week or two ago, today he sat with me at lunch and held me and said sorry over and over a gain and at first I thought he was just trying to get me to forgive cus I was just starting to, so the 15 min. Before the end of lunch I asked him to come with me to the place where always hang out before that class, so he did and we sat down in the stair well and chatted while I was finishing an essay and then he put his hand on my leg and slowly moved it upwards and then he stopped and asked if it was okay and I just shrugged and smiled at him and then did that thing where you glance between the guys lips and there mouth and leaned in and we made out. And then he put his hand on my leg and moved it over to my va-jay-jay (I'm not saying the word) and then he like rubbed, and then we stopped and I went back to my homework and we kept talking and I thought that this meant we were back together and that this time it was for the long run. And then he tested me later saying that he didn't want to do this again and that he didn't feel the sane way anymore, and that hurt like a bitch so when I told my friend Mack she told me that he told her that he was breaking up with me was because I was being clingy and that he was human block me on his phone and Facebook. So I ended up being really hurt by that and that was about 14 hours ago and I've hardly stopped crying. And I just am so hurt I don't understand why he would do this again. And so much worse, and when he broke up with me this time he said he still wanted to be friends even tho Mack told me he was blocking me
I'd like to note that I'm a virgin, and what happened with him was a first that will never happen again, and that was the second relationship he has ever been in and he's older then me by a year. And yes you are right in a way because shit like this has been happening to me for a long time and they're rebounds from the previous relationship


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  • Yo, you need to slow your roll. Getting dumped "often" in a 2 month period is a sign you need to steer clear of the dating game for awhile. the guys that you're describing aren't mature enough to date, and right now, neither are you.


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  • Guys at that age tend to be a bit foolish. I tell you something: I am 38 and recently I went through old letters and whatnot to throw some stuff out. That is when I came across some old letters from guys when I was around your age. At that time, things these boys did to me really got to me, but now, over 20 years later, I read those letters and realise what idiots they were. So no, there is definitely nothing wrong with you. It happens to most girls out there. If I can give you some advice though then I think you should date less boys and just enjoy your life. Being the new girl at school I can imagine all the boys wanting to be around you since you're kind of the flavour of the month (I don't mean this in an offensive way). As for Jack, just ignore him. He is an idiot and the things he tells others might be things he says without actually meaning them. You know he wants to perceived as tough guy, just like most 16-year-olds.


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  • nothing is wrong with you guys at that age aren't mature when it comes to dating women so you're going to be used for sex if you keep this up.


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