Ex has recently come back to apologize?

So recently my ex who was also my best friend whilst we were in high school 3 years ago has come back to apologise to me and ask for my forgiveness after screwing our friendship and relationship over whilst he was an exchange student overseas.

I decided to forgive him because i'm not mad but the problem is this. He recently came out of a serious relationship which was heading towards engagement and previously to that after me he was also in a serious relationship (which i think was a rebound for me after we broke up seeing as he was lonely and he stated he didn't love her that much)

My problem is this i still really care about him and like him but he's emotionally screwed up and im not sure what his intentions are in reconciling with me. Is it more than friendship? Does he still love me?
He's also talked about me to his friends when we reconciled and expressed that he screwed up. he's told me that he missed me and he tried the whole compliments thing as well talked about past memories and how we should meet up but i haven't reciprocated anything yet because im unsure.


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  • If you let him back in your life, you're going to have to start over completely. Try being friends first.


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