Rushed the relationship and it ended. Can I fix things?

I was in a relationship with a guy I met online. We started dating a few weeks after we met and I initiated sexual stuff with him that he later told me made him uncomfortable even though he hadn't stopped me during. We decided we would move slower but he gave me mixed signals and I ended up making him uncomfortable again. Well.. this ended up being the cause of our breakup because he said he couldn't feel a good connection to me since he felt our relationship was shallow since we'd rushed into the physical aspect of it instead of really getting to know each other first. We're staying friends though. Is it possible that if we become good friends over time that maybe we can try again? Since that seems to be the only issue we had was that we didn't build a connection/friendship first.


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  • i think its hard to say but i know most relationships that last and even move on to marriage start on the basis of a good solid friendship. i think sometimes instead of rushing into the sexual aspect of a relationship and thinking thats what they want is the wrong way of thinking with some people. Everyones different.

    Id say keep the friendship going, put effort into it and see what happens. Chances are he's attracted to you and there is 50/50 chance this could go further.

    Hope i helped


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