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So basically my now ex girlfriend said i lost her trust because i did something she told me not to do which basically almost landed me in jail but it was all a setup by one of my old friends i ended getting beat up and my old friend got stabbed and died R. I. P (although i dislike him for messing up my life and relationship) i understand it was my choice but i only did what i did because i was tryna help my friend out but anyway my ex says i lost her trust because she told me not to do it and ^^^^ happened i understood my mistake and tried to make things right i been trying for 1 month like really trying I've become a changed man she says how everytime we talk it just reminds her of how much i hurt her and etc. to make thinks worst she saw me tell one our friends ( through text ) that i wished she never hooked ous up the only reason i said that was because my ex ever since the situation she would say dont worry for everything i ask her wyd dont worry, what u do today dont worry imagine hearing that for 1month... then one day her ex called her i simple asked what u just spoke about she says dont worry im like really? if that was my ex u would get upset so why do it to me? and it kinda mad the situation worst she told me she concentrating on herself and etc but a part of her wants to take me back but she's scared i will hurt her again ( because of her ex really hurt her cheating on her a lot) so I've decided to take a 3 week No contact i haven't told her and dont plan on telling her unless she hits me up but knowing her she won't i kno she misses me and etc but she's just scared i will hurt her i love her i really do so can someone help me here


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  • If i was in your ex's position i would probably stay away from you for a while... it does take a while to regain trust, and if you continue as you said "a changed man" then surely she will notice and hopefully give you another chance. If she refuses to accept that you've made a permanent change for the better, then i think you should probably move on.

    Just keep reminding yourself you've changed, and stay away from trouble as much as you can... think before you act (yes, you've probably heard that a lot), and just make better judgments overall.
    The "change" shouldn't be just for her, but yourself as well.
    hope it all works out

  • Sorry but sticking to your friends and ignoring your GF when she was right was very stupid.. leave her alone when you love someone set her free if she comes back it was meant to be if she doesn't it wasn't meant to be.

    • I mean i know it was dumb to listen but it wasn't like i hurt anyone I didn't know

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