Is my ex feeling some type of way? Wasn't this a weird coincidence?

Today at school, for lunch I went to my friend's class to just be in there. We were talking about my ex and she asked if I missed him and if he asked me back would I say no? I agreed and said no and i dont really miss him as much. We dated for about a goood 2 years and broke up 2 months ago. He was my first love and I was his, I was also his first girlfriend, We had a great strong relationship and nothing like the cliche teenage relationships. He was also my best friend. His friend were in the classroom and they asked about the break up and I explained to them.
So today I've been having this song on replay all day, whenever I got a chance to listen to music, it was stuck in my head and I kept singing it. Earlier I went out to get some food and played the song in the car and I was totally thinking to myself "Wow I hope (ex name) listens to this and regrets us breaking up, hope he realizes how much I cared and loved him though we did argue and I got attitudes.. hopes he listens to the lyrics and realizes he can't find someone who loved him like I did and was actually there for him. I hope he feels this way, realizes what he had can't get again from another girl" 30 minutes later I get home and get on instagram and Im scrolling down and he posted up a picture 30 minutes ago (at the time) and it was a picture of the song I was listening to all day and in the caption he said "this song hit me hard as fck" and my friend who asked me if I would get back with him if he asked commented under the picture saying "mhm I wonder why" and he commented back some annoyed face emojies. I dont think he would have directly asked her to ask me because her and i are just friends and he usually talks to my best friend about me. My friend and my ex are friends but dont talk a whole lot
I though that was sooo weird, such a coincidence!!
By the way, the song is Good Lovin by Ludacris and Miguel, listen to the lyrics, it;s actualy a really good song. Talk about regret basicall


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  • Sweetie , move on. Seriously. It'll be ok


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  • Maybe a little bit yes.

  • The song was a coincidence


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