Why is my ex like this?

Okay, so its been 2 years since me and my ex boyfriend broke up. Every time i come back from 3rd period, i always see him. He would always talk to my friend at her locker and hers was next to mine. and its always awkward for me. Now she moved away, i have 2 friend who have lockers 7-8 away. My ex always go to one of them and tag along as always (before my friend moved away, he always go to them when she's not here). but the point is, he knows im always there and im very curious. i feel nothing about it tho, so lol.


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  • u mean he's not visiting u?


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  • The writing on the school hall wall and all here, dear, is it May not jus tbe a Coincidence That-----Before my friend moved away, he always go to them when she's not here...
    He may still have a few left over feelings for you but with you both no longer an item, it Could be, as you say "Awkward" for him as well.
    Being that you are not saying anything, he is also keeping mums the word and just tagging to and hanging around your friends' lockers, perhaps hoping you might break the "Nice ice."
    If you want to Break this ice barrier, go ahead and say "Hi" to be civil, friendly. And if you feel you would rather not get these sleeping dogs up, then leave well enough alone, don't pay any mind to the company the girls are keeping and let your own actions Continue to... speak volumes for you.


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