What happened in your last break-up? How and why did it happen?

Whose fault was it? Do you have any regrets?


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  • I married a man out in Egypt and resided there for awhile with him. We had many problems living in our own place In the family house and when I returned to the states, I had a sour ball in my mouth.
    Sadly, I believe, I retaliated in my own mind and heart when I began cheating on him and maintaining a life here, not going back to be with him and his family like I had promised I would and... it caused a sour ball in All their mouths as well. I don't know, maybe we are all even now.
    We have had many ups and downs, break ups and make ups and even now, nearing our three year anniversary, we are Not speaking at the moment. With everything getting worse in the Middle East, no, not at all, I have No regrets, it was an experience that was meant for me to go through and One in which... I will never forget nor... regret. xx


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  • Does death count as a break up?

    • My condolences.

    • Thank you. If you're not counting death, then you'd have to go back about 20 years (good God!).

      We grew apart. I have no regrets. We remained friendly, but we didn't hang out with each other.
      I stopped dating a woman (the first I dated since my wife's death) due to religious differences... well, it would be more accurate to say she stopped dating me due to religious differences. I don't regret it. We are still friendly with each other.

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  • I just sent a message on Facebook saying that it was over and I'm done then he responded and I blocked him. I broke up with him because he only wanted sex

  • No regrets just chasms of shame but tommorws diffĂ©rant

  • Haha well I've never had a serious boyfriend; my last 'break up' was with a guy (still a close friend of mine) who I 'went out with' for 2 weeks when he was 13 and I was 14. I broke up with him because it really freaked me out having everyone at school gossiping about us. Also I felt pressured because he took me out on this outing where I met basically his whole family. And I just wasn't attracted to him enough, and didn't feel ready for kissing or anything sexual anyway (partially because I was really uncomfortable with how I looked; I had acne and it made me super nervous about anyone touching my face because I felt like they'd be repulsed by the texture under my make-up - this is still kind of a problem for me but not nearly so much - also I hadn't worked out how to get my hair to not look a mess all the time, etc..). I broke up with him right before half term, at the end of school ie. in public so he couldn't really do a lot to stop me; which in hindsight I sort of regret because it was mean and I should have broken up with him in private; but we weren't alone together that much anyway and meeting up outside of school involved getting lifts from our parents etc. I know he was hurt by it, but it wasn't like we were 'together' for very long, and I wouldn't have wanted to stay with him longer and then inevitably broken up with him and hurt him worse


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