My ex boyfriend sent me a text after I broke up with him a week ago?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend a week ago because he was been a douchbag. I would call him and he wouldn’t pick and all my messages went unanswered. So I called him and. he finally picked up and we talked and planned to meet up so we talk it out. He never made the effort to meet up so I pulled the trigger and dumped him. I told him never to contact me again and I would like to see where it goes with my new boyfriend... Just said that... don't have a one.. but it felt good to stick it to him. Then a week ago he sends me this...

Hi there, sorry I had to say thank you for the time I had with you. I have to be honest" you never ever asked me for anything an I appreciate that we shared the little that we had. I pray that your new man will appreciate you and hope all goes well. Your friend. Sorry for the words I used before!! God bless!!! Your friend Big P..

So now I want to know why he sent me this?
And now I find out he goes to the restaurant where he knows my friends work at and starts asking how I am and where I live now and when last I was there. Why


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  • Its his way of moving on. Simple or he could be extremely desperate and want you back. Easy as 123


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  • Maybe he's feeling bad he was a jerk. Regret for losing you. Wanting to at least ensure no hard feelings. Some people just can't stand the idea of another person disliking them.

    Or maybe he's trying to prompt you back into a conversation. Or is confused how you had a boyfriend already after a week. Speaking of which, why exactly did you say that if it wasn't true? I'm a little confused by that...

    You can either ignore him, or just write back "Thank you for your wishing me well, I wish you well, too" or something nice but general like that.


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  • He is moving on... Maybe that's why..
    Or maybe he wants to get back...


What Girls Said 3

  • 1. he is sorry it ended.
    2. because no matter how much of a butt he was he did love you in his own way.
    3. He has no hard feelings
    4. If you ever want to be friends he's find with that
    5. maybe one day you can try this again.

  • It was a closure text

  • It would ignore it.

    It took a whole week to respond?
    That says a lot.

    He seems like the type to that just gets around to things... rather than making time.
    I wouldn't respond.

    Like @arabianpwincess197 says it was a closure text.

    • I actually responded saying...

      Please wait. The subscriber you are attempting to reach is trying to locate a fuck to give...

      I'm still really angry but I still love him... What should I do now

    • Lol that's funny.

      I think u should move on.
      He didn't even try to fight for you.
      He's an ass

    • Asker, that's the funniest shit I've read all day. I'm still laughing at your response to him.

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