I miss my ex so bad I want to contact her?

I know it's prly a bad idea and will make me look weak but she broke up with me and backed out of moving out last minute. She was ready before but she was choosing me over her parents. I was so busy with personal stuff I took sher for granted and she thought I didn't care or love her said I didn't show her anything. I really didn't but I thought we could work it out. Was in the academy. She asked for me back the day after but I rejected her got in a big fight.. then I asked for her back and she ended it Saying how much she was mIs treated and deleted all contact with me. Saying too much damage has been done

I wrote wher a letter and she responded saying it's what's best for us right now. Her parents won't allow us to date and she can't live like this anymore. I want her back so badly.


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  • Well, I guess she is leaving you forever though.
    The day when she chose you over her parents means that she reaaaallyyy loved you with all her heart.

    When she did that you MUST remember that she is counting on you to take care of her. Her parents trusted you when they let her daughter stay with you.
    But what did you do to her?
    You should have make more time for her. You could at least kiss her everytime you're off to work or anytime you're going away.
    tell her that you love her, basically anything that would make her feel loved. Even the smallest thing like smiling to her.

    Dude, if you really want her back just go talk to her parents, apologize for not taking care of their daughter appropriately, tell them that you have learnt from your mistakes. But if they still don't want you, you should just move on. Move on...

    Make her as a lesson for you and find a new girl. Next time if you found a new girl, make her feel love. Make time to say good morning to her even for a minute.

    • She said hopefully we can try this is the future but I've definitely learned my lesson. Been 4 months I'm getting better but it'd still very hard.

    • Good, alwas treat her nicely next time :)
      All the best !

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  • i know how you feel, my ex was my first girlfriend, i loved her a lot because she as the first and then she break up with me.. i felt so bad it was in the summer.. it was bad, i always wanted to contact her but she was with another guy.. if you want to contact her it's okay i think, but before you do remember why she left you.. try to make things better and then contact her, tell her you need/deserve another chance..

    good luck


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