Ex wants to be friends 4 months after the breakup?

My ex and I dated for 2 years and when he broke it off his reasoning behind our break up was that I was boring. We both offered to stay friends, but after thinking it over I declined. We have not spoken since then. Today, he messaged me asking if I would like to be friends. What does this mean and does he really just wants to be friends? (We weren't before the relationship.) How do I react?


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  • No, hell no, and wtf no!!!
    NOOOOOOOOOOO. You cannot be friends with someone you used to give your heart, soul, and body to. Point blank period. The temptation will always be there if not physically then emotionally. Trying to be friends with him will either prolong your healing process or reawaken the pain and distress from the detachment.

    Your ex may be requesting to be friends because...
    1.) He wants to relive is own guilt.
    2.) He got out there in the world and realized there were highly valuable parts of the relationship he should have held onto. So now he wants to keep you around, stringing you along, until he decides if he wants you back as a girlfriend or not.
    3.) He is so self-centered that he can't see how huge of a selfish request it is for him to dump you then try to remain included and invited into your life -_- essentially demoting you emotionally, mentally, physically, and futuristically then asking you to be okay with your new lower rank.

    Don't do it girl. You will regret it. You already went through the heartache once. Don't put yourself through it again at his selfish request.


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  • just wot he means basically... he doesn't want a relationship... jjust friends

  • ... could it be that you are boring sexually and he really likes your personality or company? Good sex means a LOT to most guys


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  • He wants to be friends, if you don't then tell him no