Guys, Chance with my ex girlfriend?

we were together for a little over 6 months. But she broke up with me saying she didn't feel the same way anymore. She's been having a very busy life so she said she couldn't handle a relationship.
We haven't spoken to each other for over a month. I thought she moved on, but recently she started to like my Facebook posts (nothing emotional - just about random incidents that happen to me that I found funny). Also it was her birthday the other day, so I texted her hbday and such to which she replied "Thank you!".
I don't know if she's hinting anything or anything. Obviously it's hard to say unless I ask her. I'd like to get back with her if possible, but I don't want to do anything dumb. What can I do? What might she be thinking?
Woops i meant to ask both girls and guys. Any thoughts from the girls?


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  • That's tooo hard to know man. I feel like i've been in your situation before.

    Actually i was on the other end, i was the one who broke it off with the girl. I still like her and find her attractive but i can't have a future with her. I still like some of her posts and pics on facebook but i'm not sure why i do that To be honest. Either i want her to know that i still like her or because i just want to keep a friendship going with her. Sometimes i genuinely like the pic and she was really pretty on it then i couldn't not like it.

    In your situation, it might be that she started getting attraction again or she just wants to keep a friendship.

    But i feel it's more like an attraction. What gave it out to me is that she started liking your pics after a month of nothing. If you had always been posting stuff nonstop since you broke up until now and she just recently started liking some of them. Then i personally think that she might be reconsidering what she did or missed you.

    I'm saying that cause that's the same as it happened to me, when i first broke it up with the girl there was a long pause where i wouldn't like any of her pics. but when i started thinking about her again and missed her i started liking some of her pics.

    • I see. how would you have felt if she reached out to you?

    • well now she has a boyfriend and moved on which is good cause my intentions to her are not serious.
      But i know she has strong feelings towards me. If she didn't have a bf and reached out to me, i would probably start seeing her again but will let her know that we can't take it seriously and i can't have a future with her. But i don't think she will because that will be painful for her.

  • She broke up with you pal, it's up to her to initiate conversation between the two of you...
    Don't think too heavily about her liking your posts, it's definitely positive but it requires no response on your behalf...
    When she reaches out, talk and you'll find out her motives, good luck

    • She still responded to my one text. Should I take that as an ok to reinitiate conversation? She's the shy type so she rarely initiates conversation

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