Would it mean anything if your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend word a shirt you got them when you went up to drop something off?

I had borrowed my ex-boyfriend's mom's books for a while and I felt obligated to return them since they technically are not mine. I got to my ex-boyfriends house, he knew I was coming, and he was wearing a t-shirt I just gave him. After that, we hanged out all day and he didn't try to push me away (we hadn't talked for three whole weeks). However, he did seem really sad the whole time.
It really surprised me, but I smiled knowing he still had it. Would it mean anything for him to wear it when he knows you are coming up? Or am I overthinking it?


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  • Either he's been missing you or he's trying to hurt you.

    • I don't believe he was trying to hurt me. We seemed to have a good time today. Though I could be wrong.

    • I wouldn't put too much significance to it though.

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