What is the best thing to do right now.. How can I "get over" her?

How can i really get over someone who was and still is my life? every aspect of life everything I look at reminds me of her.. she's all I want.. I gave her the world and more.. Like should I try for other girls to fill that void? Everyone says no but like it feels like that's the only thing that would help besides crying in my bed for literally hours straight


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  • Focus on yourself. Get super fit, hang out with friends, find some new hobbies etc

    • I am super fit tho 😭 I just want to be loved, I know I'm everything a girl would want I really don't get it

    • Maybe she wasn't the right one? It all takes a little time

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  • hmmm... just don't think!

    • Andddd that's not physically possible

    • yes it is!! Just go outside and run as fast and as far and do that for 10 minutes... or more until she gone.

  • Itll take time, your not just gonna magically get over someone...


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