Guys, why does a guy end things with a girl, when he was really into her?

This guy (we will call him Ben) has REALLY liked me since the beginning of this year. I knew id never date him because he just wasn't the person id date. He is super outgoing, but immature and not that attractive. I was talking to this other guy and Ben kept telling my other friend to tell me not to date the guy and to date him, and some other stuff. But I turned him down and dated the other guy. Also one time Ben message me before all this and we ended up txting, he seemed insecure in himself and said he didn't have many friends (he does now) cuz he was new, but I gave him advice which he appreciated. After the other guy ended things with me cuz I was to quiet for him (long story). Ben started texting me. We texted for a long time and talked at school. Then he wanted to go to the movies. I didn't want to go, I haven't hung out with just a guy before, but decided to push myself. Ben surprised me, he was such a gentleman, not the immuture idiot I knew, I mean I love his personality he is hilarious! Anyways later that night he texted me and told me how he felt. I told him he is a really sweet guy but I just didn't want to ruin our friendship, and I just got out of a relationship, I need time. He helped me get over my other relationship and slowly I started liking him and decided to give him a chance. Within this I told him about my anxiety and that it's really hard for me to open up to guys and be myself but he said he understood. we didn't get to hang out a lot outside school cuz I had sports and he had work. But one day he wanted me to come over and watch tv with his friend so I came over and we cuddled but it was the first time it was really awkward. He ended up ending things with me didn't tell me why. I heard after he end it he yelled that "he was free!" and my friend got in a fight with him over me and he was saying I never talked, but I did and I trusted him with how I was.1 month has passed and he hasn't talked to me since, he avoids me. I'm confused
I'm not mad at him I'm just upset that i trusted him. I want to know why he did what he did, there is a lot deeper stuff to the story but i had to summarize. Would he end up regretting doing what he did? Cuz also everyone at my school would always tell him that he doesn't deserve me because Aparently I'm to good for him and how did you get her? She is to good for you kinda stuff. Plus he has family issues but he never really opened up about that, if that had to do with anything I don't know.
This all just doesn't make since. I feel it's deeper than me just being quiet cuz he knew that way before I liked him and we did talk a lot. I just want my friend back, I hate how we avoid each other. Sorry that this is so long


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  • I think he's insane who is not self confident that he'd keep you as his partner and he seeked a revenge for the rejection.


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