Angry ex-grilfriend?

I have a angry ex-girlfriend it's been about 1 month after she broke up with me and she's sending angry messages about a couple of DVDs I have of hers less than $10! I haven't tried to contact after the break-up, instead I've been concentrating on myself since there's a lot going on in my life at the moment which takes up most of my free time. Additionally she is on the depo-provera contraception injection and has been for about 8 months, she changed into a different person overnight on this stuff. I regret not directly confronting her about depo-provera. I don't get these angry messages it's been over a month she's got what she wanted and dumped me!


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  • So has she contacted you again?

    • Yes I said I'm not around at the moment suggested another time and had a angry response back so i didn't reply. Same thing happened a few days ago.

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  • Boy, you certainly dodged a long term bullet with this woman. She sounds nuts, and I can assure you the depo shot isn't what's completely causing her insanity. I've had plenty of girlfriends on the shot, and the worst that happened to them was a little water retention. But, everyone is different, and since I'm no doctor, let's just say the depo actually transformed her in the Mr. Hyde she suddenly became.

    So, she broke up with you and is now harassing you over a couple dvds worth next to nothing? Boy that sure sounds like one of my ex girlfriends who seemingly needed every single petty object she forgot, even though she never used them before; even to the point the anger in her voice was beaming through the telephone.

    I just ignored her. Her mental problems are of no concern to you, and she seemed done with you to the point she ended the relationship. You're doing what every wise person does, which is to spend time on yourself during the healing process of an ended relationship, while she's on "Mission Control Freak" dead set on making you just as miserable as she is.

    She's using those valued dvds as an excuse to continue contact with you. The shot had nothing to do with some really disturbing emotional issues and doesn't cause someone to automatically start controlling another person. She may have broken things off to illicit a dramatic response from you, or simply wanted to pursue someone else. And now that someone else realized she was fucking nuts, she's back to pursuing you.

    I'd stay away from her and ignore the shit out of her. The hell with her and her dvds. She'll survive without them, I'm quite sure.

    • Thanks for the reply it's almost like you know her! I'm nearly up on my tenancy with a place I took on to be closer to her and my job. I paid a premium to be in this area and wouldn't have done it otherwise because it has absolutely nothing to offer me. Looking back this was a complete mistake although I've learnt many lessons including this.

      I've pretty much left her too it since I don't want to be with someone like her after being treated in such a way. Although I've kept a cool head throughout and not expressed any anger to her about putting me in such a position where I've been paying high rent in a area I don't want to be in. It's the only thing which angers me in post break-up life although thankfully I've only got a month left before I leave. Should I express this anger to her?

    • Thanks for the update. I may not know her personally, but I know many women like her. Actually, to be fair, men can be just as bad, but anyway...

      To answer your latest question, I would strongly recommend you move on and not give her a second thought. Expressing any kind of anger will only give her what she wants, which is more drama she can use to stay in contact with you. Then, you can expect her making an effort to get the last "jab" in or whatever other form of bullshit she thinks will get under your skin.

      Nope, moving on and ignoring her forever is a much bigger middle finger than telling her she put you out and made you mad. At this point, she's too self-absorbed to recognize she hurt anyone but her, so in my opinion it's not worth it.

      It's okay to be mad, because she took advantage of you, but as I said, just use your frustration to pay attention to red flags the next person might display and take them seriously.

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