Ever had the feeling, you can't let someone go?

I dated a girl for one year and a half, we lived together but eventually broke up... Undortunately, i can't get over her , like she did over me. ( already dating someone new)...

no matter what i try, i can't leave her... She's constantly on my mind. She's got this kind of hold on me and i can't seem to get past it. I still want to impress her, talk to her everyday ( even when i'm in no contact for a couple of months), want to be with her, look for her in the crowd even when i'm trying to find someone else... Hope can make men live , but hope can destroy someone as well.

Someone have/ had the seem feeling?


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  • This is the reason why many people don't want to fall in love again. Love can be the most wonderful feeling in the world, but it also can the most painful and destructive. There is nothing more painful being in love with someone who used to love you. Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.




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  • Hang in there my friend; things will eventually get better. I know it's the same tired cliche, but it's true, as time does have a way of curing your heartache.

    I went through that with my ex fiance. At first, I was a bit relieved we split, because the drama and tension became too much. However, once I cooled off and started thinking more objectively, I was ready to try and talk and sort things out. Unfortunately, she had already started the initial stages of being involved with someone else (kind of strange to meet someone only a month after breaking off an engagement, but whatever).

    It was hard enough to see she was ready to move on for good, but her already having a boyfriend really put salt in that wound, and that wouldn't go away for quite some time. I tried dating, and met some nice people during that time, but I still couldn't get this woman out of my heart and mind. I'd wish to look out my window and see her car in my driveway, hoping she decided to visit me. I'd long for her phone calls or emails, and when those completely dried up, it was pretty miserable.

    Eventually, I started feeling better. I wasn't talking about her as much at work and to friends and family, and the dream of seeing her at my door or getting an email from her wanting to talk became less and less frequent to the point they finally just stopped, and I could go through an entire day without at least thinking about her once or twice.

    Fast forward several years later, I'm married to a wonderful woman and couldn't think of being with anyone else. And I'm not making light, but this "awesome" boyfriend she ended up marrying decided to become a drunk, so she's living in a different state without him and has been for many years. I'm now able to remember all the drama and tension that caused us to break up in the first place, and eventually you will too.

    Keep your chin up, because things will get better.


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  • I know how you're feeling. I'm constantly thinking of my ex as well and damn I wanna be with him sk badly. No matter what I do I can't get him off my mjnd. I hope this feeling will go away eventually

  • Yes, I have.. still do

  • Yes i know exactly what your going through...


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