Unexplained breakup?

My girl/baby mama split up again she all the sudden decides it's never gon work. I know she's been talking to a guy she likes and somehow got the hint that his girl and him might split up. Well let me start by saying that I find myself to be a pretty decent catch so I don't have self esteem issues or anything like that. However it did take awhile for me to actually fall in love with this girl or to at least realize I had. She has always had issues with my ex/baby mama in thinking that I was still in love with her which I assure you I am not but she thinks I lead her on for some reason. If I wanted her back I could have her at any moment and that's a fact. I'm not sure what is goin on here with this girl but I really think she has more issues upstairs hidden away that I don't know bout yet and we've been together off and on for over 5 years now. Our son is 4 and she cannot have anymore kids. Every time we've got back together it's always been her coming to me wanting to talk so I don't get this female at all. I'm trying to be done with the relationship at this point but I guess am still trying to understand her a little so if anyone could help me I'd appreciate it greatly.
I love the shit outta her that is for sure but do I want her back no not really cuz I've been through this kinda cycle before and it's always the ones I fall for that do it for some reason...
This is what she posted a few days before..."When a person does not respect you or the things you do for them it's time to get up, walk out the door and say goodbye no matter how much it hurts. Don't mistake my silence for acceptance. I am silent because I know that no matter what I say you will do what you want to do and nothing I say or do will change anything. Sometimes I wish I could just shake you and make you realize that the one girl who will never hurt you is standing right in front of y


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  • Give her time


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  • Oh no..
    Don't tell me you want her back?


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