Contact an ex four months later, good or bad?

I have tried to move on but I really can't. I have secretly met another guy but quickly blew it because I couldn't stop thinking about my ex boyfriend. Me and my ex never broke up with each other but because of a conflict what we had stopped and since then we've been texting each other sometimes and met up once. He won't open up unless I tell him to and I can't do it either, it has caused me a lot of pain. Last time I talk to him was four months ago when we were starting to discuss our problems but in the heat of it I got so pissed over his hiding behind humour and making fun of it instead that I yelled at him. I don't know what happened but we stopped talking and after a while he began to chase me but I was so confused about everything especially his feelings towards me. He has done this and that to make me jealous and now it's been nothing. I want to contact him so badly and ask if we can sort things out but I'm terrified. Maybe he wants to move on and then I show up trying to back together after all the hurt we caused each just because we haven't communicated, I want to communicate. I have never liked someone as much as I like him it's crazy. What should I do?
He doesn't know how much I truly like him.


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  • see Im in the same situation with my girlfriend OMG. Im her first and we'
    ve been together for 2 years but we broke up 4 months ago and Tomorrow I want to talk with her. so this is like the same situation like urs. can't believe it. and U should go talk with him tell him how u feel and everything but be strong even if it hurts cuz Im in the same situation believe me so we have to keep on. and lets get back our partners hahaha. but can u tell me what to do cuz I heard she thinks over and over that she's not perfect for me , but still I know she is , I just need the words to get her back any advice?


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  • If you guys do talk again, you will probably have to spend a few days talking normally because 4 months of no contact can change a lot. Feelings change in days, and 4 months is even longer. If you want to talk to him, message him, but don't jump straight to getting things fixed. Talk normally and then get around to it depending on the mood of the conversation. You'll be able to tell if there's any chance of reconciliation. And don't expect much from this.

    • Thanks. I have been in no contact with him for five months once and when we met up it was as if nothing had changed but now I honestly don't know.

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  • If it will give you peace of mind and you feel like you really need this sure go for it but dont let it break your heart if nothing comes of it.

    • It will break my heart if nothing comes out of it, really break it.

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    • I had to push myself and come up with a good game plan, it was very hard on me back then I was a rookie on dating, I had to just suck it up and go for it. I had to find out the Answers it just ate away at me not knowing so I had to try, I did and It gave me peace even though It was a No go on me and her going back out together again dating. And that one was so embarrassing our last meeting. The other we just talked and that was that she wanted to end it on the phone right there while she was at work, I hardly knew her we just went out one time, but I told myself I have to go down there and do this face to face because she gave me no answers on why and she had no time to talk on her work phone, she was a high school in the 12 grade a girl that I met at the movies while she was working back then. So I did meet her and I did and I felt so much better after even though I was disappointed that it was over. The other girl came way after I worked so hard to have her in my life

    • I could have quit but I pursued her and we lasted for years together and travled the world also together and she moved in with me as well.

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  • Just tell him you want to get back together and see what he says. The lack of communication will cause problems. It's your choice. Make sure if he doesn't want to get back together, you get closure otherwise you will mess up future relationships.


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