If someone dumped you that you loved due to circumstances and a situation could you take them back?

Her parents wouldn't let us be together she chose me at first was going to move out with me and ended up dumping me last mibute. I feel like if she comes back I have to respect myself and decline. If I'm not a priority to my partner than I don't know if I could commit myself to that person.


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  • HAHAHA NOOO if they can do it to you once... they can certainly do it again. You have to think of yourself as a sparkly diamond, You dont want it to tarnished because of some idiot girl who dumps you at the last minute.
    Orrr she just has to listen to her parents for some reason... Honestly if you were in her situation what would you do?

    • I don't know she actually loves her parents and I didn't have that growing up so it's hard for me to unserstand. But she would of been disowned by her parents and wouldn't have a college ride anymore so I don't know. I'm trying to understand but she said she can't move unless sue stops contact with me.

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    • I mean, she probably values her family more because her family is something that can never be replaced. I'm not saying you could be replaced either cause your a one of a kind person. But she most likely values her future and college and stuff...

    • Could you take someone like that back?

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  • If you still care I feel you should. But this time let her know you're not going to take some things. It was most likely her parents fault she changed her mind.

  • Please. For the love of GOD stop asking these questions. Get off your soap box and get over it.


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