Would you understand if your girlfriend chose her parents and college over you?

She snuck around for ever with me. We tried to make it work with her parents.. no chance. We were going to finally move out together and she backed out last minute. She would of been disowned by her mom and had no college ride anymore. I said I would help her as best I can but it would be hard. Offered her mutiple times a way out and she declined. Things got messy at the end said the distance drove us apart. She can't get over me unless she ends contact with me. Said hopefully we can try this again when we have our shit together. I don't know what to think. her love for me was crazy. I sort of took her for granted and neglected her while we were trying to dk this because of her passive aggressiveness. She acted like everything was fine then wouls pout and say she feels worthless and used. said I don't love her or care and was just using her. I was so busy with my military training I couldn't be there the way I wanted tko. She said she would have nothing to go back to if we didn't work out. Broke my heart. Could you understand? She would get accused and cussed out by her mom almost everytime she would go out. The last time I saw her before she ended things she was hysterically cryingsaying I want you but I don't want to lose my mom too. I offered her to end it again and said yu don't have to do this. She declined but broke up a week later.
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I feel like if she came back to me I would be disrespecting myself in a way because I'm comitting myself to a girl who didn't prioritize me in her life.


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  • Yes, I can completely understand why she made that decision and I think choosing the opposite would have been a massive disservice to herself, considering the type of boyfriend you were.
    You treated her like dirt, disrupted her peace of mind, and failed to add onto her happiness. Her parents on the other hand will ALWAYS be there for her. They will always amount to a positive part of her life. Why would she choose an asshole who mistreated her heart over them and her education?
    I'm wiling to bet her parents stepped in and forced her to make a choice because they felt you were horrible for their child and distracting her with your bullsh*t

    • I'm not a horrible person and she told me she never thought that of me. We're both at fault she was never honest with. me on how she wanted to be treated. She would get passive aggressive with me and tell me Everything is fine. I tried I really did. I have a hard time showing me emotions because of my upbringing and being in the military and told her this. She never showed me much either. I could only see her twice a month But she would act like she didn't care to defend herself and I bought I a lot of the times. In return I got irratable and would blow up occasionally towards the end.

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    • She made the better choice. Her family and education are things that will impact her for the rest of her life... you? Are not. Or at least you shouldn't be.

    • Nor should I have had to teach her. Again I think sue knows it went both ways. Cann you not understand where I'm coming from at all? I get 3 hours of sleep a day working my ass off to build a future and my girlfriend would maybe text me every three days saying somw random shit then accuse. me of doing the same.

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  • She was too young for a commitment, and it was only reasonable to follow her parents in the situation.

    It was for the best.. in a while you'll both realize that.


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  • I think she did what was wiser and more beneficial in the long run.
    Her not having college money would be a huge drawback, and she can't expect you as her boyfriend to do that for her.
    From her point of view, she'd be giving up a permanent relationship for a high school romance. Say things ended badly, and you guys broke up between college, how would that be for either of you? She would have no place to go, so it would be worse for her.
    Be practical, and think with your mind not your heart. Perhaps you guys can get together after college when she has the ability to make her own decisions because she won't be financially dependent on anyone

    • Yeah I just didn't think she would be out of my life like that. Maybe back out on the move but she just wanted to move on..

What Guys Said 2

  • Under pressure
    As a loving boyfriend you should let her go
    Don't blame her blame her narcisstic mom (syndrome by the way, google it)

  • Why does her mom think you are such bad news?


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