My ex boyfriend messed me up how can I go on?

I'm happy that I learned a lot at the same time it has cause me so much pain. When I first met him he seemed like a great guy but with time I noticed mood swings, jealousy, possessiveness, trust issues and using the silen treatment when we fight. He got this from his ex girlfriend and carried this into our relationship sadly. In a year we managed to break up, we got back together, he left because hoping I would come running because he thought I was cheating and couldn't communicate with him. We stopped talking again then started talking then started seeing each other, then we stopped talking. All of this has a reason of course but I'm not the same person I was when I entered the relationship. I would never act like this in a relationship but it happened when I came across him? I have cried so much, I have waited and I bet he's done the same but that doesn't change how he is. I'm so messed up now. I tried dating another guy but it didn't work because I realised that I still carry a lot of emotional bagage. I've been hurt and healed over and over again. It's like I'm addicted to him and I hate it, I wish I could move on. I used to be a very sweet girl but this relationship shocked me and turned me upside down.


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  • I can feel you. I share the same story with my ex. I just can't move on. All I do is wait for him to come back ik he won't but maybe will I'll wait one day I'll get tired of it and move on. But I tried that for 4 months waiting and trying to move on he came back only to leave again. Now again am all alone.

  • I am currently going through a relationship like this, but I can't seem to leave :(

    • How come you're not able to leave? I have already broken up with mine but I know the door is always open. I could go running back to him and it's tempting.

    • I love him more than anything. He was my bestfriend before we got together and he has been my best friend since. maybe I have gotten used to how things are or maybe things aren't as bad as they seem I don't really know. Sometimes I feel like I just want to leave and experience life but I wish I could still be with him in the end. It's complicated ugh :(

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