Please help! What would yo do in this situation?

I met a guy 4 years ago and we had lots of dates but things between us didn't work the way we expected to so we stopped talking, no fights, no arguments we just stopped talking. He was kind of my first love and I really appreciated him a lot, sure I don't love him now but I still appreciate him a lot. He goes to another school and I haven't seen him since then and I got over it and I spent these 3 past years happily without even thinking about him. But problems started a week ago when I had a dream about him and me falling in love again at some hotel somewhere but we were the only people there, I don't know what that meant, but my question is why him? I mean I'm pretty sure I got over him but this dream made me think about him again and i can't stop so I've been making imaginary scenarios in my head about him when I can almost guarantee he does not even remember me. So what should you do if you were in my situation, I'm super crushed with him again. Would you get over it again? Or would you try to get him back even tho he was never my bf? Or would you just go ahead and talk to him by Facebook? Would you try to make him fall for you again? Or would you go somewhere he uses to go and "accidentally meet him again after all these years" what would you do!! Please I'm gonna lose my mind


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  • Sometimes memories of the past make you think someone is your perfect match because you didn't have the chance to be together in the past and you want it to happen now.

    I had a similar situation where I loved a girl in highschool, she loved me too but we didn't developp a relationship until one year after when she told all she felt for me on facebook. Well at first both of us were happy but we were relying to much on the past because we wanted to make it perfect but we stayed together not so long because we saw we were not a good match now.

    So you should definitively get contact with him, a message on Facebook is good and tell him how you feel and also tell him you want to meet him, but people change so you'll see if you still like him or not and be carefull not to get attached to the past version of him.

    • Thank you so much for understanding! Really, I'm going to do that I think, but thank you again

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  • Make him again


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