Why did my ex initiate contact with me, but is not replying to my text?

She sent me a text and I thought that it didn't expect a response at the time. I realised that it did and I answered a week later.

She hasn't answered me.

I sent it at 7 pm GMT so she's definitely asleep now...

Why would she contact me hoping I'm Ok only to ignore my text?


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  • Why would you reply after a week? She's probably not going to reply/stall it a lot

    • I didn't think she wanted a response... But after a while I realised she did and it took a lot of guts to answer it.

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  • w8 a min... did she mention yer name in yer text or just some "how r u doing"? because if the latte happened... then chances r she send it by mistake basicaly...;-)


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  • Maybe now that she knows you're ok she got the answer and she doesn't want to keep in touch. Or she could've been bored at the time she contacted you and since it took you so long to respond she's ignoring you

  • She sent you a text and then you respond a week later? Some would interpret that behaviour as game playing amongst other things like disinterest. In any case, don't expect a response until she's ready.


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