Guys, my ex and I have been talking again and I don't know where this is going?

So my ex and I had mutually decided that at the time of our break up we needed to really focus on ourselves. Well recently we started talking again and we are getting along way better than before. We are in love with each other and sexually we are very compatible. How do I know if this will remain monogamous and how can I tell if this will strengthen and redevelop our relationship together as bf&gf? Is it possible?


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  • It's very possible but one can't tell if it'd remain monogamous or not. Not even fortune tellers. It will solely depend upon your intentions and actions.

    • Thanks. I just want to avoid putting pressure on us rekindling this by asking "so where is this going?" I just feel like putting pressure on the subject would causes strain because we just started talking again and going to movies and out to eat etc.

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    • Thanks for the advice

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