Lied about milItaly service to a girl?

I was in but ended up getting out for fraudulent enlistment at the end of bootcamp. when I first met her she asked I said I was in for like a year didn't want to sound like a pansy but we got closer and I never told her the truth. I don't have any pictures besides my going away party and some recruiting event. We don't talk anymore but it bugs me.. should I just come clean in the future? She's seen some of my issued gear Though. Says my last name on it.

I mean I never lied about deployment or anything like that would never I have real military friends. Just said I got out for the same reason before I completed Mos school


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  • Ha I got out for FE at the end also! Have my bag of stuff too. You said you don't talk anymore? If you don't then I wouldn't bother. If you do again I would just tell her. Tell her you were embarrassed or something and she should understand. If not then oh well, she shouldn't be really pissed off at something like that, maybe just a little bit hurt about being lied to.

    • Thats fun y what bran ch

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    • I wish I could remember my ex's DIs where you were. One was named Ferrara or Ferreira or something. I can't remember the others.

    • I was inda co. Can remember my SDI was gunny Lewis and my killhats was sgt lerma.

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  • Fess up. It's not good to base the foundation of a relationship on a lie.


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  • Are you still in relationshil with her? If no forget it that won't matter. She just gotta knw you no more in it

  • No way dude! If its getting you laid then make the lie real. LIVE THE LIE!

    Fake it till you make it.