Does my ex really want to make things work... Again? Should I?

2 years ago I met this girl we met hung out hooked up and dated... Now this inmmft lasted 2 months but I really liked her and she left me for someone else... i was really hurt.. We went out separate ways... a couple weeks ago we started talking again the guy she was with and no longer together... It's just a coincidence I was around... Meanwhile I have a girlfriend whom I've been with almost two years... Now me and my ex have talked about what happened why it happened etc... We also takes about starting over... And being friends for a sec... And I kinda want that because I missed her... Should I do it and let my current relationship go or should I let my ex go for good... I've been having dreams about her... Going behind my girls back etc... Apart of me wants to see where we go... But apart of me is afraid that I'll lose it all on that... DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS BEEN U ANSWER?


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  • Follow your heart. Despite what we tell you still have to deal with the consequences. If you still have feelings for your ex then it is not fair to your current spouse. You cannot drag her along while you're trying to figure out what you want. I feel you should tell your SO what's going on and ask for a break. During that break you should think deeply about which girl you want


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  • It can work out since such a long time has passed since you dated, also since you only dated for 2 months its unlikely that you fully knew each other and can say for sure if you are compatible or not.

    However given your specific circumstances i would not take that chance, since you already are in a relationship with a girl who hasn't let you down in terms of trust. The ex gf however since she has already betrayed your trust once its not that unlikely that she could do it again.

    by the way was it your ex that got in touch with you after 2 years of no contact? what did she say, did she apologize etc?


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  • I would not leave your current partner for someone who has already shown how highly/low they value you by picking another man over you.. especially if you have 2 years of history..
    If you were single, sure go for it... but not atm

  • The word ex is very meaningful..
    Ex is past..
    No matter what was been between you two
    It's all gone
    And better to let it go..


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