How mean was this to say to my ex who's a political refugee? "Go back to where you came from. You don't deserve to be here." ?

Out of two years, he only spent abouut eight months being a decent boyfriend. The rest of the time he was a lying, sneaky, shady disgusting whore. So I told him "You don't deserve to be here. Go back to where you came from. There are already enough pigs and assholes in this country without your nasty ass wasting our resources."

This comment was probably particularly hurtful considering he left his family, freinds, and home behind to be here as well as crossed borders in Africa illegally for the opportunity to leave his war torn country.
How low of a blow was this on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst)?
How do you think it made him feel? Do you think he will ever forget the comment?
Do you think I was justified in saying this seeing as my life would have been better off if his slutty ass stayed n the shithole he came from?


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  • Wasting our resources? Do you know the percent of "resources" that actually come from the USA? Very little. Most "resources" are imported by the imperialist Americans.

    • lol that's not the point. The point was to sting.

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    • I don't know everything. All I can do is deduce information via hypotheses.

    • lol or you can stop trying to be a know-it-all. The question really is very simple.

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  • i'd say... it's about an 8. it's a hurtful thing to say. but these are just words.

    • how do you think the words made him feel?

    • probably shitty. but hey, he's probably heard worse.

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  • sure the commit was harsh but its what they need to hear. just because their country is shit doesn't mean they should be able to come over here and expect us to bend over backwards doing everything for them. What they should do is work on fixing their shithole country

    • Wooooah, you turned that whole comment and made it about something it's not with a prejudice rant.

  • 1
    You were right. Whats the problem?
    Not only he treated you like shit (no surprise from a foreign invader) but he even left his family in his war torn country to save his own ass.
    They should all go back where they came from.

  • That would, on a scale of one to ten be about... 80,000 or so.


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  • H might take it seriously offensive or even racist

    • Or he may just not care what her opinion of him or his country is. If I went to a foreign country and someone said that type of thing to me I wouldn't be hurt by it at all. No one has any kind of direct impact on how their own country operates unless they are high up politically so I doubt a comment like that mattered to him.

      Then you need to factor in that he obviously had no respect for her (for whatever reason) so it is even less likely that her opinion of his country matters.

      He probably just sees it as her lashing out because she is angry. It is a classless comment and very well could be seen as racist.

    • @MoshingExec You talk too much and I'm not interested in your mouth anymore.
      Stop being pushy and take a hint when someone blocks you on their post, it's because they have no desire to experience your presence. So stop trying to force your presence it's weird. You don't get to participate here. Suck it up and stop trying to further yap excessively with others on my post.

  • who said that to him?


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