Girls, I've recently been dumped and very confused about the whole thing, please can you maybe help clear my mind?

I've recently been dumped by my girlfriend of 10 weeks, I know it's a very short time but we got on so well.
We both have quite a busy lifestyle with her having a good job and a busy social life and I work through the week and on Friday and Saturday nights.
It was all going so well, we enjoyed each other's company and both agreed even though we worked a lot, make time to see each other. When I did see her I would treat her well, I'd make her tea for her with a glass of wine, give her a massage and tickled her till she fell asleep!
I also gave her space where her social life was concerned as I didn't want her to feel I was being possessive or jealous. But out of the blue she broke up with me, saying I worked 'too much' and didn't make time for her.
This was devastating to me because although I do work a lot I would've always made time to see her and would've taken time off as I couldn't think of anything better than spending time with her
We had also planned ahead for when I could see her so she knew I had intention of making time for us.
So this was very sudden and out of the blue and she wasn't willing to give me chance to make it up to her and show her it could work!
In the short space of time I gave her a lot of my affection and at no point did I think she wasn't that interested.
A couple of nights after the break up she text me apologising for everything but I haven't heard from her since, please can someone help and help me make sense of all of this, thanks in advance.


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  • How old was your girlfriend?
    Her reasoning for breaking up with you doesn't sound very mature or reasonable. That's if she had of course been genuinely interested in you, and 10 weeks together is relatively short to ensure that.

    It doesn't make much sense to break up with someone you like, especially since that issue could easily have been fixed or a compromise reached on if she had just spoken up about it. She sounds kinda entitled as well as all over the map...

    • She's just turned 24, I'm 22 myself. She did show all the signs of being genuinely interested, and there was no signs of her not being.
      It just feels really heartless of her, she said it's been winding her up for a while but doesn't like talking about problems which is why she never mentioned it and it all just got to her one day. But it could've easily been resolved.
      Do you think she's being 100% honest with me? Out of 10 weekends she's been away from our town for 7 of them and the other 2 she's always been busy with her friends to see me, which means that work wasn't really getting in the way!

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    • yeah that's how most feel when they first start getting to know someone. Unfortunately it's mostly a result of hormones, that do settle down hence the 'honeymoon period'.
      I've never played games to that degree. I may have led on guys who I wasn't interested in pursuing any further, I always remained friendly though. Purely on a platonic level from my side though, even though I knew they wanted more. For me it was just entertainment. Mind you, I only did that for 2 weeks max, nothing official between myself on those guys at the time either so it was just entertaining to see how far I could push it I guess.
      I would never do that now though, that was back when I was 18/19.

    • We did settle down quite quickly due to seeing each other mainly after work at night, and she said she felt we were too comfortable in a short space of time, but it was her who suggested seeing me after work because she missed me etc. I'd hate to think it's all been one big game because we were official and it would've been a while to be playing it and she seemed so genuine in everything she said and did.

  • It might be a "nice" way of breaking up with you. Maybe she just wasn't that interested.

  • That's really sad! You sound like you did everything right and you were a great boyfriend. To me it sounds like she made the 'working too much' thing up and she has ended your relationship for another reason. Personally I feel she has either; cheated on you and feels really bad because you're a nice guy so she just dumped you instead of explaining:( or she has realised she simply didn't want a serious realtionship and felt you were more interested in her than she might have been. I'm sorry this happened to you, you will find someone better:)


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