How to get closure and move on?

I liked this guy before. We hit it off perfectly. He ended it saying I was irritable and not ready for a relationship. I was hurt. I tried talking to him about how I was waiting for my moms tests results and he ignored me. I felt like he blamed me for things ending. I tried talking to our mutual friend about talking to him for me and she refused. 3 months later they're dating and both still ignore me. They made fun of my anxiety disorder and told me I had no reason to be upset they were dating. My friend ripped me apart to justify why she could date him. How do I get over this? How do I move on? I also battle depression.
He told me he ignored me because he thought I was mad at him.
Any more advice? I'm really messed up here.


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  • They, especially her, sound like complete tools. You're better off without them.

    • He told me he ignored me because he thought I was mad at him. I wasn't mad until he ignored me.

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  • Sometimes you just can't get any closure. But the best thing you can do is cut him off completely, then try to do as many things as you can to keep your mind off of him.

    • He ignores me. I avoid them at all costs. She was my friend of 10 years. I had to take her off fb because she kept posting pics of them together

  • Sometimes you just can't get closure from my break up. My ex broke up with me out of the blue, he never gave me any closure at all. I just had to except that it wasn't meant to be and just move on. I can see how that is holding you back but sometimes you just have to except what is and what isn't and just try to move on. I moved on even though my ex didn't give me closure I just had to except that. Cut off all contact with him and never speak to him again at all.

    • I am trying to just not care. It's hard because I avoid places they go. I was turned down and lost an old friend.

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