How do I get over him?

Hi my name is Bella and im 15.. right now I am dealing with this guy at my school.. he is in one of my classes and he sits at a table all the way across the room... this girl at his table said to him that i kept staring at him? I never did? but he said well oh she's cute.. so he would glance at me -_-.. then a week later we had to change seats and I had to sit with him alone at a table..-_-.. as soon as I sat down he called me ugly which kinda hurt me... so I didn't speak to him at all at the table.. then the next day it got worse.. ( he's in my homeroom also sorry..) in the morning he yelled out in front of his friends.. I DONT LIKE U UR UGLY AS SHIT!!! And im saying to myself like dude who said that I liked u I don't even know u... then when i walked in my next class I heard him saying to his friends ugh do u really think I would wanna go out with that? Please!! And im like what? Then he gave me all these dirty looks and mumbling smart comments.. again I said nothing to him.. didn't even look his way... then after class he tried to talk to me in the hall like wtf!!! So I walked away very quickly and he stood there then walked away... day by day it got even more worse... he talked about my hair and clothes and how ugly I am.. he told everyone that I liked him and I mean literally everyone!! He would avoid me as much as possible but then I started growing feelings for him... I can't get him out my head really.. even though he disrespected me so much... he's a complete asshole!!! How can I not like a jerk like him? And how can I deal with this dude like seriously... please help me out.. anyone.. some really good advice and thank u


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  • You should make it clear to him and his friends and you could never be interested in someone so rude and just flat out mean. Let him know that his attitude is really unattractive. you certainly don't deserve to be treated rudely for no reason.

    if you want to be friends with him just tell him flat out, "I would want to be friends with you, but I can't be friends with someone who is mean to me, its just not okay."

    frankly, i don't think you should waste your time on him

  • Your none of the things he said that just how guys get sometime. I had the same issue and all the guys in my class were mean to me so I get how you feel. Don't worry about it. Maybe he likes you and dosent know how to tell you. One day just ask him why is he acting like that and how you feel about the situation


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